Research and Innovation

Here you will find information about research with data from quality registers, ongoing research and innovation projects and how Regional Cancer Centers can provide support for different types of research.

The mission

RCC's mission includes strengthening clinical cancer research, both nationally and healthcare regionally, so that scientific progress can quickly reach cancer patients.

The mission also includes developing structures for collaboration with academic research and the research industry and promoting innovations in cancer care, for example new products or processes.

The RCC must also work to ensure that all patients with cancer in a healthcare region are given the same opportunity to participate in clinical studies, disseminate information about ongoing studies and increase awareness of the importance of research for the development of cancer care.

National research structures

Using national quality registries and diagnosis-specific patient overviews on the INCA platform, the RCC provides a national infrastructure for the collection of clinical data.

An important research resource is also the possibility of using clinical data together with information from biological material, available in biobanks.