National Quality Registries Cancer

National Quality Registries shall facilitate the follow-up and evaluation of health care outcomes and quality. A national quality register in the field of cancer contains individual-based data on diagnosis, treatments and results.

A functioning quality register makes it possible to follow up what is carried out in healthcare for all patients in the country within a diagnosis-specific area. The registers can also form the basis for follow-up and reporting of individual activities within the regions and form the basis for research.

Register control groups and support teams

National quality registers for cancer diseases are built up by professional groups with a register holder/chairman and a steering group with geographical and competence spread. The steering groups cooperate with the RCC organization in the construction, management and operation of the registers. The goal is a common way of working for all registers through national support teams consisting of different competencies. The databases for all registries in the field of cancer are available on the IT platform INCA for managing input and output data.

Support for each register can be found under the respective quality register. Use the registry selector or go to the cancer diagnosis you are looking for. Coordination of the RCC's work takes place in the working group for quality registers and INCA (Arbetsgrupp kvalitetsregister och INCA, AKI).