Nordic collaboration on cancer patient pathways

The Nordic collaboration on cancer patient pathways is a multidisciplinary research and experience exchange network.

The aim is to inspire and to conduct multidisciplinary and cross-country comparative research of the function, impacts and effectiveness of the standardized cancer pathways that have been developed in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Annual meeting 2022

The next annual meeting will take place on 13 - 14 October 2022.

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Agenda 13 oct (pdf, new window)

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Annual meeting 2021

The annual meeting 26 May 2021 was a recorded live-stream event. The official language of the meeting was English.

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Annual meeting 2019

On 7 November 2019 the annual meeting for Nordic Collaboration Cancer Patient Pathways was held in Trondheim in Norway. This year 65 participants from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Faroe Islands and Sweden were gathered to discuss progress and challenges of working with cancer patient pathways. The projects supported by funding from Nordic Council of Ministers made short presentations on the recent progress.

Notes from annual meeting 2019 (pdf, new window)

Research project grants

Nordic collaboration cancer patient pathways has decided on applications to be awarded research project grants within research on pakkeforlob/cancer patient pathways.

  • Disparities in route to diagnosis and time-to-treatment. 100 000 DKK. Project manager: Bolette Dankert
  • Assessment of variations in monitoring of standardized cancer patient pathways. 100 000 DKK. Project manager: Bolette Dankert
  • Mobilizing for a reform; a comparative study of the introduction of Cancer Patient Pathways in three Nordic countries. 15 000 DKK. Project manager: Per Magnus Maehle
  • Cancer patient pathways in primary care. 50 000 DKK. Project manager: Line Melby
  • Multidisciplinary treatment conferences in cancer care; granting equity of care in ovarian cancer? 100 000 DKK. Project manager: Mef Nilbert

The pupose of the grant is to support Nordic collaborations within research on pakkeforlob/cancer patient pathways. Participation is required from at least two Nordic countries.

Awarded research project grants within research on pakkeforlob/cancer patient pathways (pdf, new window)

Ongoing collaboration

We believe we can learn from each other better via comparative research. The collaboration supports and coordinates Nordic research projects. Areas with ongoing collaboration:

  • Diagnostic centers, Charlotta Sävblom (
  • National cohorts, Bolette Dankert (
  • Patient experience, Lisa Åkesson (
  • Coordinators, Øyvind Antonsen (
  • Individualization vs standardization, Erna Håland (
  • Crowding out/Side effects, Bonnie Poksinska (

The network is supported by the Nordic Cancer Union and Confederation of Regional Cancer Centres in Sweden.

Steering committe 


Linda Aagaard Thomsen, Kræftens Bekæmpelse, (
Henry Jensen, Research Unite for General Practice, Department of Public Health, Aarhus university (


Line Melby, PhD, seniorforsker SINTEF, (
Sissi Leyell Espetvedt, Fagleder onkologi, Helsedirektoratet, (


Helena Brändström, PhD, Samordnare nationella vårdprogram & standardiserade vårdförlopp Regionala cancercentrum i samverkan, Sveriges kommuner och landsting, (
Marcela Ewing, Med.dr. Specialistläkare allmänmed/onkologi. Regional processägare Tidig upptäckt, (