Patient Collaboration

RCC has a basic mission to strengthen the patient's position in cancer care. Taking into account the experiences and opinions of patients and relatives is a prerequisite for being able to develop person-centred and safe care. Patients and relatives are co-creators of future cancer care.

According to the national cancer strategy, the RCC must involve patient and relatives representatives in the design and development of cancer care. Patient and next of kin representatives are therefore included in large parts of RCC's work, for example in patient and next of kin councils (PNR), in care process work and in national care program groups.

There is a national working group (NAG) for the coordination of patient and relatives cooperation.

The working group shall:

  • harness the experiences and knowledge of patients and relatives to develop and improve healthcare,
  • collaborate with other NAGs and strengthen cooperation between different groups,
  • monitor the area of ​​patient cooperation and establish contacts, both nationally and internationally,
    follow up patients' and relatives' experiences of how collaboration with RCC works and initiate improvement work,
  • responsible for national documents aimed at simplifying collaborative work,
    produce and maintain introductory and training materials and be responsible for representatives being included in training,
  • update educational materials in consultation with patient and next-of-kin representatives.