Nordic collaboration on cancer patient pathways

The Nordic collaboration on cancer patient pathways is a multidisciplinary research and experience exchange network.

The aim is to inspire and to conduct multidisciplinary and cross-country comparative research of the function, impacts and effectiveness of the standardized cancer pathways that have been developed in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Annual meeting 2023

The meeting will be held digitally. Updated agenda coming shortly.

The preliminary agenda November 9th:

  1. Status and development trends in standardized patient pathways in the Nordic countries
  2. How standardized patient pathways are documented at hospital level and applied as a tool for quality improvements
  3. Revisions of the national systems for cancer patient pathways – how is it organized and what is the topics discussed?
  4. Experiences from the practice of cancer patient pathways for lung cancer (Norway, Denmark and Sweden)
  5. Indications for including patients in the system of cancer patient pathways – too many, too few and what about the quality of the criteria?


Steering committe 


Søren Gray Worsøe Laursen, Kræftens Bekæmpelse (

Tanja Malene Popp, Sundhedsstyrelsen (TMPO@SST.DK)


Per Magnus Mæhle, Oslo universitetssjukhus, (
Sissi Leyell Espetvedt, Fagleder onkologi, Helsedirektoratet, (


Helena Brändström, PhD, Samordnare nationella vårdprogram & standardiserade vårdförlopp Regionala cancercentrum i samverkan, Sveriges kommuner och landsting, (
Marcela Ewing, Med.dr. Specialistläkare allmänmed/onkologi. Regional processägare Tidig upptäckt, (