National Chemotherapy Regimens

The national e-library for chemotherapy regimens contains more than 600 regimens, with clear and standardised information on how to dose and combine cancer drugs.

Regimens are based on the information in the National Clinical Cancer Care Guidelines (NCCC Guidelines) and are approved by an appointed physician from the actual NCCC Guidelines group. The regimens are published on the website and can be accessed for reading, printing or downloaded as XML files to the CPOE (Computerised Physicians Order Entry) systems.

Patient information

For the patients, there are patient information sheets per regimen. They give information on the treatment, the most common or important adverse reactions, advice for self-treatment, when to contact the hospital, and lifestyle advice. The information sheets can be printed and delivered to the patient by their nurse or as a part of the My Care Plan via 1177. Today, they are also available in English and will soon be available in Arabic.

Basic facts and support douments

Information on cancer drugs can be found in the Basic facts part with important medical and pharmaceutical information. The information is based on the information in the Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC).

Support documents for healthcare professionals can also be found, such as antiemetic guidelines.

National e-library for Chemotherapy Regimens (Swedish only)