Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer rehabilitation is a transverse patient process, which means that it describes what each diagnostic process should contain overall while specific rehabilitation should be described in the diagnosis-specific care guidelines.

All patients with cancer must be offered cancer rehabilitation throughout the care process, according to the Health and Medical Care Act.

The patient´s need for rehabilitation

The patient's situation and need for cancer rehabilitation should be identified in consultation with the patient in accordance with procedures established by the operations manager. The patient should not have to take responsibility for this assessment and request appropriate interventions. It is also not possible for the patient to identify his/her needs by meeting representatives of all the professionals involved in cancer rehabilitation.

The patient, the doctor and the liaison nurse should consult each other in order to identify the needs for cancer rehabilitation and to draw up my care plan, of which the rehabilitation plan is an important part. In line with national care guidelines and regional practices, more professionals should be part of the team and contribute in a structured way.


The responsibility of the care provider means that the distribution of responsibilities between administrations and the areas of activity involved must be described in each region. The regions must strive for greater equivalence in national cooperation in order to meet the needs of patients and the requirements of the law.

The needs of all patients must be assessed and the necessary interventions offered and followed up without delay. Each member of staff is responsible for ensuring that interventions are carried out in accordance with the latest scientific evidence. In some cases, the scientific evidence in this field is insufficient, which justifies the monitoring and compilation of experiences and results in a way that allows for scientific review and publication.

Assignment description for 2023

The national working groups assignment description for 2023:

  • Work for regional registration of interventions for rehabilitation according to the National Board of Health and Welfare’s KVÅ-classification and collaborate on the possibility of national follow-up.
  • Launch training aimed at primary care professions around cancer rehabilitation and develop a training aimed at specialist care around structured work methods for cancer rehabilitation.
  • Support initiatives where digital solutions are used in the rehabilitation process and for selfcare.
  • Prepare and act as a referral body for generic texts, e.g. in My care plan and national care programs.
  • Collaborate with national working groups with related tasks.