Diagnostic centres

Diagnostic Centers is a research project that is part of the Nordic cooperation for cancer care – an interdisciplinary research and experience exchange network

Over 100 participants in Nordic Meeting on Diagnostic Center in Stockholm

More than 110 participants from the Nordic countries gathered on 16th of November 2018 for the first Nordic meeting on Diagnostic center. The meeting was held at Stockholm, Waterfront with the purpose to create network for both health care professionals and researches involved in Diagnostic centers.

Another purpose was to give a general overview on Diagnostic centers in our different countries, what lessons have we learned, what experience can we share among us. Both research results and coming research projects were presented.

The organizing committee consists of: Søren Gray Worsøe Laursen, chairperson (DK), Charlotta Sävblom (SE), Anders Birr (SE), Marcela Ewing (SE), , Anita Sandmo Lyngøy (NO) and Hedda von der Lippe (NO) was given a renewed trust.