Cancer Drugs Register

The purpose of the registration is to gain better knowledge of how the use of new medicines looks throughout the country. The model has been tested at the clinic level so that registration and follow-up will be effective support for the clinic's operations. At the national level, the priority goal is to be able to monitor whether the use of medicines is equal across Sweden.


The RCC is tasked with following up the regions' use of new cancer drugs. The assignment includes compiling national reports per year. The first report was published in autumn 2018 and the latest report contains an account of a selection of cancer drugs with registered use during 2021.

Simple regional registers

The model is based on registration in similar, regional registers that contain the following variables:

  • reporting hospital and clinic
  • diagnosis
  • performance status
  • current medication and possible combination therapy
  • treatment intention
  • treatment period
  • reason for termination of treatment