Annual meeting of The Nordic collaboration on cancer patient pathways

The steering committee looks forward to meeting both old and new colleagues with an interest in cancer care planning from all of the Nordic countries.

Tid: 26 maj

Plats: Online

Date: 26 May 2021
Venue: Free online meeting
Deadline for registration: 20 May 2021

Link to the meeting:

Invitation and programme (PDF, opens in new window)

The official language of the meeting is English.

The meetings usually attract a good mix of researchers, administrators, clinicians and patient representatives.

About The Nordic collaboration on cancer patient pathways

The Nordic strategic collaborative network about experiences, evaluation and multidisciplinary research in cancer patient pathways was established in 2016 and is supported by the Nordic Cancer Union and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The network aims to attract both research-ers, healthcare professionals, consultants and administrators in order to share knowledge and experiences between the Nordic countries, and to inspire and guide research towards unmet needs. Although the standardised cancer patient pathways are similar in structure, there are great differences in how they are implemented and monitored, which can inspire reflections on best practice.

Nordic collaboration cancer patient pathways