Forskningspublikationer om SVF

Här hittar du forskningspublikationer om standardiserade vårdförlopp (SVF).

Performance of standardized cancer patient pathways in Sweden visualized using observational data and a state-transition model

Sixten Borg, Ann-Sofi Hörstedt, Tobias Carlsson, Mef Nilbert, Anna-Maria Larsson, Björn Ohlsson (2023)

Age and Referral Route Impact the Access to Diagnosis for Women with Advanced Ovarian Cancer (pdf, nytt fönster)

Anna Norbeck, Mihaela Asp, Tobias Carlsson, Päivi Kannisto, Susanne Malander (2023)

Standardized care pathways for patients with suspected urinary bladder cancer: the Swedish experience, (pdf, nytt fönster)

Suleiman Abuhasanein, Staffan Jahnson, Firas Aljabery, Truls Gårdmark,
Tomas Jerlström, Fredrik Liedberg, Amir Sherif, Viveka Ströck & Henrik
Kjölhede (2022)

Knowledge in and support for standardised cancer care pathways among general practitioners and other physicians in Sweden, Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care

Christian Backman , Ulf Johansson & Mikko Hellgren (2021)

Primary care physicians’ views of standardised care pathways in cancer care: A Swedish qualitative study on implementation experiences, European Journal of Cancer Care

Michael B. Wells, Sara Delilovic, Malin Gunnarsson, Jessica Dervish, Mia von Knorring, Henna Hasson (2021)

The standardized care pathway for oesophageal and gastric cancer at Skåne University Hospital in Lund - a validation study and proposals for improvement (pdf, nytt fönster)

Ellen Hänsel

The effectiveness of the colorectal cancer referral pathway – identification of colorectal cancer in a Swedish region, Taylor & Francis

Emilia Andersson, Nils Nyhlin & Michiel A. van Nieuwenhoven (2021)