My Care Plan in Cancer Care

The National My care plan in cancer care helps ensure that patients anywhere in Sweden receive equivalent, and quality-assured information throughout the cancer trajectory, regardless of age, gender and socio-economic status.

The patient information is published by RCC after being processed through a national network of clinical experts and adapted to the target group. Evidence-based information together with various interactive components enhance participation and self-care activities, making My care plan a tool for patient empowerment.

Coordination and continuity for people affected by cancer

My care plan (Min vårdplan, MVP) is co-created by the patient and the care provider at diagnosis and updated whenever significant changes occur in the patient's care and treatment. It should be based on a structured care procedure including repeated needs assessments using standardised instruments, and personal communication between the contact nurse and the patient. My care plan is offered digitally by secure login via the national 1177 platform or, for those who wish, on paper. It is not a medical record.

My care plan in cancer contains:

  • In-depth, diagnosis-specific and individualised multimedia information about the disease, care, treatment and possible side effects.
  • Information on late and long-term effects and other consequences of the disease and its treatment.
  • Self-care advice
  • A rehabilitation plan
  • Information about patients' rights
  • The care provider's contact information (in the digital version there is also a two-way messaging function).
  • Possibility for the patient to independently report on symptoms or concerns by filling out PROMs or sending free-text messages to their care provider.
  • At the end of primary treatment; a summary of the care and information about follow-up

Meet Lars who tells us about how My care plan helps him participate in his own care.


Meet contact nurse Alicia who tells us how My care plan functions as a support in her work with patients.


  • The contact nurse in cancer care is a personal guide through the cancer trajectory, by providing timely information and support for the patient and family. The contacts nurse bases planning, coordination and evaluation of care actions on personal communication and regular structured assessments of the patient’s needs.
  • is a Swedish national platform where patients and the public have open access to a broad range of healthcare information and can  communicate with healthcare providers behind secure login.