My Care Plan as knowledge support

National My Care Plan in cancer care helps ensure that patients receive equivalent and quality-assured information through the care process, regardless of place of residence, gender and socio-economic status. It strengthens the patient's opportunity to be involved in their own care, to the extent that the patient wants and is able.

National My Care Plan contains in-depth patient information about a specific diagnosis and its investigation, treatment, care, rehabilitation and follow-up. The patient information is produced through a structured work model and is managed nationally. There is national support material to facilitate the introduction of the national My care plan in the daily activities.

Support and instructions to national working groups

The national diagnosis-specific patient information for My care plan is produced by working groups consisting of one representative per healthcare region and patient representatives. The working groups follow a steering document and are based on a national general document compiled by the Confederation of Regional Cancer Centres in Sweden.

My care plan and the patient overview

My Care Plan and Individual patient overview (IPÖ) are two knowledge based services that complement each other.