Individual Patient Overview

Individual Patient Overview (Individuell patientöversikt, IPÖ) in cancer care enables the collection and visualization of information about the individual patient's care and treatment. The information in the patient overview can also be used for the development of care, in research and as a basis for decisions to promote equal care.

What is the Individual patient overview?

The Individual patient overview is a digital tool that is used to collect a number of important data about each cancer patient. The patient overview collects information about the patient's medical history, disease status, laboratory data, examinations, treatments, and visualized comprehensible in the patient overview.

The individual patient overviews have been developed on the technical platform INCA, the same technical platform used for all national quality registers in the field of cancer.

This video is a short introduction to IPÖ (english subtitles are choosable).


How is the Individual patient overview used in the meeting with the patient?

The patient overview is used together with the patient record in connection with the care's contact with the patient and then quickly provides an overview of the patient's disease and treatment history. This supports the work of the healthcare staff and also provides a clearer description for the patient and their relatives, which enables strengthened participation in decision about their own care.

In IPÖ, it is also faster to find specific patient information rather than in the electronic medical record, shown in a scientific study.

Time difference in retrieving clinical information in Patient-overview Prostate Cancer compared to electronic health records

In IPÖ, it is also possible to monitor and visualize the patient´s well-being and quality of life, by including visualization of questionnaires (PROM – Patient Related Outcome Meausures)  which the patient can be asked to fill out. (Through digital management via the national patient portal

What is the information used for?

All information that is entered into a patient overview is structured through a particular order, uniform choice of words and various preselections. The total amount of data provides qualitative data for the development of care and treatment at the local, healthcare regional and national level.

For a clinic that uses IPÖ, this means that it can get compiled statistics about the care and patients that the clinic has. This information can be used, among other things, as a basis for operational planning, for monitoring needs and resources, to present results or to find patients who may be relevant for a clinical study.

This also means that data can be transferred from a patient overview to a national quality register. Some of the areas for which the information can be used are the development of new treatment strategies, research, development and follow-up of new medicines, knowledge of side effects and as a basis for decisions to promote equal care.

Individual patient overview (Swedish only)