Childhood Cancer

In the spring of 2020, a national working group was established supported by the national cancer strategy, with the intent to strengthen cancer care for children and adolescents. The task includes prioritizing, planning and coordinating efforts in the field of childhood cancer.

The working group’s mission 2020 – 2022:

  • Start implementing prioritized initiatives in accordance with the plan established in 2020
  • Support and follow-up the development of national quality register for childhood cancer
  • Support and contribute to the exchange of knowledge and experience from long-term follow-up of childhood cancer survivors, conducted at clinics in all healthcare regions


The national working group consists of representatives from the six different regional cancer centres in Sweden, a county health care representative and patient representatives. The work supported by RCC has led to improved collaboration in childhood cancer care, by considering both the medical and nursing perspective, as well as involving patient representatives in the development work. The national effort with singled, dedicated funds for childhood cancer has provided the opportunity to jointly carry out large and complex efforts.

  • Development of multidisciplinary conferences and national expert rounds
  • Basic standard for clinic resources for follow-up of adults and children under 18
  • Web-based training - Increased knowledge of late complications after childhood cancer
  • Compliance to National Clinical Cancer Care Guidelines for long-term follow -up after childhood cancer
  • National clinical guidelines for care providers of proton beam therapy
  • Individual Patient Overview for childhood cancer, pre-study
  • My Care Plan ALL children
  • Mapping of access to palliative care of children in Sweden
  • Mapping of the competence supply situation in paediatric cancer care
  • Paediatric oncology intermediate care – national definition

Continued work 2023-2025

During the autumn of 2022, the development work in paediatric oncology with the support of RCC has been reviewed, with the attempt to become more long-term and less resource intensive.

New goals for the cancer strategy in Sweden for 2023 – 2025 have been formulated in a joint document. Based on this a new action plan with initiatives will be established, with the aim to continue to improve cancer care for children and adolescents.